Pimp My Lvl V2

Just enter your address below,and wait for those level ups! Now this Faucet wont make your rich, but it has the potentiall to massively help your level increase on FH!

(This faucet requires your address to be linked to a FaucetHUB account)

(Unlike the original PIMPMYLEVEL, this Faucet has higher payouts but, does come with a shortlink + CoinHive Captcha!(no Hidden Miners!)

(Il be Honest, Yeah Im using Coinhive Captcha! But its a rather small amount of Hashes to submitt, so it shouldnt be a problem for Mobile's, Tablet's or PC's!)

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Referral link: http://pimpmylvl.cryptdough.co.uk/?r=YOUR_ADDRESS&rc=CURRENCY (rotator owners, please append &rotator=YOUR_ROTATOR_NAME to the URL)